Welcome to the Twenties!


It's been a very long time since my last update on this website. 2019 was a very busy year for me, but I really want to do something with my website this year - so expect some updates in the coming months.

I have some big projects to work on this year, but I will try to find time for the website too.

Welcome to the new decade!

A new tutorial - Data Basics.


Added a new article - Data Basics: Intro to SQL. This is the first article in my new tutorial series about data, databases, SQL and data manipulation.

More articles coming soon!

Work and progress.


How are things? Haven't posted any updates here recently. I was working on a lot of interesting projects during 2017 and 2018, and probably will post some notes on them here in a few weeks.

Some of the last things I've been working on:

  • Python scraper for social networking websites, with a huge database and API to interact with it.
  • Web portal for customers, with gated file library, user groups and Amazon Web Services integration.
  • Chrome Extension development.
  • Email finding and verification service, with user interface and API.
  • Database migration from old, non-WordPress site to a new WordPress website - that is, moving users, posts and house listings for a house-swapping website in New Zealand.
  • A lot of web app and API development.
  • Stripe payment processing integrations.

As well as a great lot of general website and app development, updates, transitions, integrations, etc - both front-end and back-end.

Both 2017 and 2018 (so far) were pretty productive and interesting years for me. I had an opportunity to work on some really cool projects and have learned a lot of new stuff - as well as have met some great new people.

Currently, I'm still busy working on the current projects, but will try to find some time to reflect on my latest work and also finish some of my own apps, maybe even update this website a little.

Java AOT?


Looking for a good Java AOT solution for one of my projects - if you have any suggestions, please, send them to me.

Currently, found a proprietary solution and going to try it, but would be awesome if there are any open source alternatives.

Plugin update.


Updated my Bulk Change Media Author plugin for WordPress.

Added Spanish translation and tested with WordPress 4.9.

Moving out.


Will be mostly unavailable for a week or two due to moving out to a new home.

Plugin update.


Updated my Bulk Change Media Author plugin for WordPress.

Update hasn't changed anything in the plugin functionality - just added translation support and the German translation files.

A new home.


I've just migrated this website (and a few others) to a new server.

It should be much faster and stable now.

Top Rated at UpWork!


Last week, I've got a notification from UpWork - "One Year Together" - it's been a year since my first contract there. And now, after finishing some contracts, I've got my "Top Rated" badge! It's pretty cool.

I've mostly worked with the same few clients there the whole year, which were (and are) quite awesome guys. Hope to expand there even further this year!

Geolocation Tracking and Statistics.


At the beginning of 2017, I've got a small & simple, yet interesting task - to make a web app that would parse some logs and display statistics and reports based on them, including the user geolocation.

Read more here!

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