First Week at UpWork and the Site Update.


Last week was just plain awesome! I've got my first UpWork client - Web Hosting Service Provider from Scotland! This is extremely cool. I'm very excited to work internationally, not just locally - it gives me a lot of additional enthusiasm and a boost of energy. It really is fun.

The only thing I regret is that I didn't start working there much earlier - a year or more ago. But then again, now I'm more prepared for this.

I'm planning to improve some of my skills now, put my portfolio together and slowly get more work at UpWork. The best thing now would be getting a few regular clients and work mostly with them. Thus, good relationships and responsibility will be the most important things to keep in mind at work.

Also, I've made some updates to this site - now it should be more responsive and look a little bit better.

Up Work!


I'm finally ready to start working at UpWork. I've been working for local companies for a long time, but I've always been thinking of moving on there. Now I'm going to make it real! At least, I hope so.

Check out My UpWork Profile!

The Site, the Blog and the Shop.


I have made a new blog and a new 'E-shop' (more like 'E-workshop', though - because currently I'm selling only my services there) websites. This time I used WordPress in both cases (unlike this site, which I made from scratch) - I did so to learn the WordPress framework and to get a better understanding of it.

For now, the blog and the shop are both still under construction, but I'm going to finish most of the work till the end of the next week.

You can check them by this links:,

A new article.


I've added a new article about the creation of one of my old projects. The project was quite small and took very little time. The purpose of the project was to make a program for online testing, where users have to pass various tests.

You can read the article here - Web App for Online Testing.

New site menu.


I've changed the main site menu on something more cool and appropriate. Now it should look like the tower\castle windows or something. At least, I hope so.

And I just started to work on my old projects. I hope I will finish all my plans till the end of February.

Another update.


Just another site design update.

Also, now there is a different version of the site for mobile browsers.

A new article.


I finally brought myself to write this article about my old project - How we made the web app for the state procurements.

Probably it's not a very exciting thing to read but let's just let it be, okay?



Even more design changes!

Also, new pictures! Soon I will translate some of my old articles and add them as well.

Design update and a new section.


Small changes in the site design (I've added flags at the top and have increased the content section).

And a new site section! Art (pictures) - with some of my ugly drawings.



I have just finished server virtualization.
From now on, it will be much easier to make server backups and to move the server from one physical machine to another.

Also, I've enabled HTTPS for the site, though probably most browsers will show you warnings if you try to use it - because all the certificates are self-signed.

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