Articles and notes about programming and IT.

(2018.07.02) Data Basics: Intro to SQL
SQL introduction and description of some of the main commands. This is the first article in the new tutorial series about databases, SQL and data manipulation.
(2017.03.01) User Geolocation Tracking and Statistics (project description)
A small but fun web app for parsing logs and displaying reports with user IP, location, activity, and search queries, that I’ve made at the beginning of 2017.
(2017.02.09) WHMCS SSH Plesk Module (project description)
A module for WHMCS (web hosting billing and automation platform) to automate creation of Plesk accounts and subscriptions, using Plesk CLI API through SSH tunnel – which I’ve made in 2016.
(2017.02.01) Marketing Automation (project description)
In 2016, I’ve been working on an interesting project – it’s purpose was to integrate a few CRMs into one WordPress website and with each other, and essentially automate the marketing process.
(2016.05.19) Email Addresses and Testing
This is just a quick note. What I've found quite handy in testing for Web Development, it's having my own domain name and an email server.
(2016.02.10) Web App for Online Testing (project description)
Description of another project of mine - this time, a much smaller one. I worked on it in 2015.
(2015.12.26) How we made the web app for the state procurements (project description)
Description of the project I was working on at one of the Russian web development companies (back in 2013 - 2014).