List of my projects. The list is not complete - many projects (e.g. which I did at work or did not finished) aren't listed here.


  • - This is my personal website. It was written in pure PHP, JavaScript (+ jQuery), HTML and CSS, with my custom design and my own engine with CMS.
  • - My blog about camping and life, made with WordPress using my custom (modified) WordPress theme.
  • Calculator of NMCK - The application for NMCK calculation (for working with the state procurements in Russia). Implemented as a client-server application, using Java with GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and SQL.
  • Online Testing Web App - Web application for online testing. Created with PHP, JavaScript (+ jQuery), HTML\CSS, and MySQL database for storing the tests and statistics on users.
  • Marketing Automation - Integration project for a few CRMs (using their API) and a WordPress website.
  • WHMCS SSH Plesk Module - A WHMCS module to auto create Plesk accounts and subscriptions, using SSH connections (with SSH2 PECL) and Plesk CLI API.
  • User Geolocation Tracking and Statistics - A web application for processing logs of another program (which are stored in MySQL database) and for displaying statistics and reports on its users - including their geolocation.