Honorable mentions.


Some other interesting projects from 2016, worth mentioning - a big update for one WordPress website (complete theme redesign as a child theme, based on Avada) and working on some unusual web app for "emotion tracking" (but this one is still in progress). I've also had to make\modify some payment gateways for WHMCS - for credit cards and PayPal.

Maybe I will describe them in more details later.

More project descriptions.


Added a new article about my other project from 2016 - WHMCS SSH Plesk Module. It was an interesting project, in which I had to make a module for WHMCS (web hosting automation platform) that would use SSH connections and Plesk CLI API to create accounts and set up subscriptions.

Oh, and currently this (as well as the previous) article doesn't has pictures, but don't worry - I'll add some screenshots soon!

A few more adjustments.


Just made a few more adjustments to the website. I like how it looks at the widescreens now, but still wasn't sure about mobiles and small (netbook\tablet-sized) screens.

Some project descriptions.


Okay - I finally have enough time to write about some of my old projects from 2016. Will try to post at least one article about some project each week.

And the first project that I want to post here - is Marketing Automation project for WordPress. It wasn't a very big project, but it still was an interesting task and the beginning of a greater work.

A Busy Summer (and Autumn).


This summer was quite productive, and I've been busy working on many interesting projects - including some big WordPress site updates (modifying themes), WordPress plugins, and also some modules for WHMCS.

I've enjoyed working with a lot of great clients, and doing a lot of cool tasks.
There wasn't much time to write about all this here, though.

Now it's a good moment to take some time and write it down, and reflect on all this a little bit - and that's what I'm going to do till the end of this month.

So - expect some new content here in the next couple of weeks!

Now - with encryption!


I finally brought myself to install normal SSL certificates here and set up redirection, so from now on access to this site will always be through HTTPS - secure connection.

How to make a book?


A new article - Handmade Book (Process and How To) - completely unrelated to work or IT, though!

It's just one of my old articles - which I was planning to add here for a long time. Why not now?

A short note.


A short note about how useful it is to have your own domain name and a mail server for web development - Email Addresses and Testing.

International Man of Mystery.


Time goes on, and I go with it! I had a little break after the start, but now I'm back in the saddle - the last couple of weeks were quite good and busy for me.

The latest UpWork adventures:
I keep working with my good "old" client form United Kingdom, and now I'm also working with some very cool Swedish company! Jolly good, eh?

Besides the new awesome international experiences, there were also some other kinds of experience. I've discovered and worked - well, a little bit - with such new (for me) stuff as WHMCS (web hosting billing and automation platform) and JumpLead (marketing automation system).

There's also some good action going on with my local clients and contracts, but that's the story for another time.

And as usual, I've fixed some small stuff on my own site and made some little changes (now it should look a bit better on laptops).

First Week at UpWork and the Site Update.


Last week was just plain awesome! I've got my first UpWork client - Web Hosting Service Provider from Scotland! This is extremely cool. I'm very excited to work internationally, not just locally - it gives me a lot of additional enthusiasm and a boost of energy. It really is fun.

The only thing I regret is that I didn't start working there much earlier - a year or more ago. But then again, now I'm more prepared for this.

I'm planning to improve some of my skills now, put my portfolio together and slowly get more work at UpWork. The best thing now would be getting a few regular clients and work mostly with them. Thus, good relationships and responsibility will be the most important things to keep in mind at work.

Also, I've made some updates to this site - now it should be more responsive and look a little bit better.

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